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PURE Youth East Brunswick

New Jersey

PURE Youth, a leadership program, specifically aims to facilitate discussion and awareness of the impact that education has on society through numerous projects and fundraising. PURE Youth also supports projects from all program areas and causes PURE champions which gives the ambassadors an opportunity to understand the depth and breadth of the issue, solution and impact on the lives they are helping change.

East Brunswick chapter of PURE Youth was started in the year 2019. Locally, the East Brunswick PURE Youth branch has set up stalls at various events and community programs to raise funds. Additionally, our branch has partaken in activities that allow use to work together and spread the word about our goals. The team did a dinner-to-door event that allowed us to cook as a team and spread our message through deliveries. This event allowed our newly created branch to really build a bond with each other while enjoying giving back to the society. There is a way to contribute regardless of how: taking a phone call and offering some ideas, donating money, attending events, etc. PURE Youth is a place where groups of volunteers unite under a common goal and become a family.

Led By Children, For Children


I like how PURE is helping street kids and giving them a good future. I think this team is very hardworking and provides a good life for kids all around. I like knowing that I’m helping others besides myself. ~Vani

PURE is a very inspirational thing to be a part of. The way they incorporate teaching kids the importance of helping others is amazing. Helping others is very important and something that will help you grow into a great person. That is why helping people is a main priority for me. ~Sahithya

I think that PURE YOUTH is a hardworking group that tries very hard to be successful and help others and make the environment a better place and I feel very accomplished for the work we’ve all put in so far. ~Tyesha

I like how PURE makes me feel like a better person knowing I’m helping kids around me. It makes me feel like if I help out one person I can accomplish anything. I’ve helped out more people around me because of PURE and it’s the reason that i’m a better person. ~Siri

I like that I get to experience new ways of leadership. It gives me the best opportunity to help people and learn about what it means to help others. Helping others was a very important thing to me since I was a child and will always be. It is something that should be experienced throughout one’s life. ~Sriya

I like that everyone in the team is connected which makes it easy for all of us to work together and I like helping others because it makes me feel good about myself. ~Rahul

I like that PURE YOUTH is a group of people with different skills, coming together with one goal in mind who work really hard to accomplish it. ~Harshita